Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Marketing Can You Build Your Business

As a new marketer, you have probably just learned about warm market marketing. It is likely that your upline has already asked you to list down members of your family, your relatives, childhood friends, high school pals, college buddies, teachers, and co-workers. Sounds like a long list, right? They are your warm market and they are the ones you will market to and recruit. This is warm market marketing.
The big question now is if it works. And if it does, can you build a huge business by doing it? Those who have tried warm market marketing knows that it takes a long time and can even be very stressful. While it may seem like your warm market is a huge target base which will become your downline, it may not exactly yield you a huge downline and increased sales in the long run. Why?
The other outcome of warm market marketing, as you can guess by now, is that your family and friends will not join you. Your warm market is the most difficult people to convince. They are likely not to believe what you say for the simple reason that they have known you for a long time and the words that come out of your mouth are all just a pitch to them. They will be skeptical at what you are trying to market to them and what sort of business you have entered yourself into.
They might avoid you like the plague simply because not very many people are very welcoming towards relatives or friends who try to sell them anything or recruit them for a business. When you do warm market marketing, you also would not be surprised to get requests from them for freebies such as free products or memberships in order for them to sign up. This is expected from some of your warm market because of your relationship with them.
Okay, supposing that your family and friends do join in. Their strategy will be warm market marketing as well. Soon you will be competing for prospects till it already seems like you've saturated your target market. But this is the better outcome of warm market marketing because they, at least, joined you. Down the line, your business might grow because of them even if it is only at a slow pace.
You will also have to prove yourself to your warm market. They expect to see you become highly successful at what you do in order for them to follow. Did you buy a new house or get a new car? Did you vacation somewhere exotic? Many of your warm market will look for these developments so they will be convinced enough to join you. And though you are hopeful that you will get all of those, you would still want people to trust you even if you have not reached that stage of success yet.
Warm market marketing does not build a huge business because of the nature of your warm market. This group is a mix of people with varying interests and backgrounds. They are not a specific target and you are basically just striking anywhere in warm market marketing as long as you know them.
Go after your cold market first, you can target the right people - those who have already shown interest in your type of product or opportunity. Marketing to people who have desires and needs similar to yours, you can better 'sell' both the product and the opportunity. This is what will grow your business. Once you have experienced success, your warm market may not even need to hear your pitch in order to join you.

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